25 years experience, a highly skilled lawyer and Notary Public, Shameela Chinoy serves clients in Yonge and Sheppard area in Toronto. During COVID we commit to offer you services in a safe and socially distanced manner


Notary Services
Witnessing your signature for foreign legal documents

The party signing the document must attend before the Notary Public with photo ID to execute. The Notary Public can witness your signature on a foreign powers of attorney, pension and other government declarations for social security payments, papers relating to property purchase and sale overseas and even documents that are not in the English language.

Administering an Oath or Solemn Affirmation for renewing your licence to practice as a professional corporation
The document to be commissioned should be completed ahead of time but not  signed.

Certifying as a True Copy  A copy of the original document is certified to be a true and accurate copy of the original document by a notary  public. You must bring the original document with you and show it to the Notary. We cannot rely on photocopies for this service.

Consent to Travel Document/Letter of Permission 
For children traveling with only one parent or not accompanied by a parent such as school trips or travelling with a grand-parent or uncle or aunt. The consent is drafted according to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's recommended specifications. The consenting parent(s) must attend before the Notary Public with photo ID to execute the consent.
Passport Application, Citizenship, Permanent Resident Card  A Notary Public will certify your photographs, documents that support identity and commission the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor. You must bring the original identity documents and the application  form already completed but not signed - you must sign it before the Notary Public.

Canadian Visitor Visa Invitation Letter Declaration  Drafting and Notarization of the Visitor Visa Invitation Letter Declaration for Canadian Visitor Visa Sponsorship for parents, children and family members.

 Notary public can commission your affidavits to transfer ownership of vehicles and all other affidavits i.e. for professional accreditation, court proceedings, insurance claims, etc.

Drafting a Power of Attorney, Affidavit or Statutory Declaration  Customized to suit your needs and commissioning of oath.

To avoid waiting please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Please bring with you to the appointment the following items:
  1. 2 valid photo identification - passport, citizenship or permanent residence card, driver’s licence or social insurance card. 
  2. Originals of your documents of which you require certified true copies.

  If  you are interested learning more about how Shameela Chinoy can help you with your notarization  please call 416 227 2082  make an appointment or contact us.