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Marriage Contract

A Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement permits people to over-ride the legislative regime. By being pro-active, you decide in advance each party's rights and obligations during the relationship, and afterwards rather than the prevailing law determining the parties fate in the event the relationship were to break down.

In asking yourself the question "Do I need a Marriage Contract?" consider whether this is your second marriage and you have children from a previous relationship, or property that you wish to deal with according to your wishes. If you are marrying for the first time but later in life and you have a significant net worth that you have built up over time, or if you own a home that you would like to protect from division with your former spouse upon a possible breakdown of the relationship, or if you are sponsoring a spouse from overseas or if intend to marry or cohabit with someone you have met on-line you should consider a Marriage Contract which must be signed before you marry.

In preparing and negotiating Cohabitation Agreements or Marriage Contracts it is important for both parties to have their own lawyer who is representing that parties interests alone. It is also necessary for both parties to have independent legal advice BEFORE signing, otherwise a court may find a domestic contract agreement to be invalid and unenforceable.

For you to arrive at the decision as to whether you need a Marriage Contract or a Cohabitation Agreement, I can meet with you privately and offer a consultation that will allow you to determine if you are a suitable candidate for a Marriage Contract or a Cohabitation Agreement. At the conclusion of the meeting, whether you decide to proceed with an agreement or not, you will be knowledgeable about how Ontario law would apply in the event of a break down of your relationship and you will be informed of the possible steps that are available to safeguard your interests.

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